Taking Corporate Social Responsibility to the Next Level

By Audrey Regan, Communication Intern As a college student and life-long learner, I pick up on the conflicting information I see in and out of the business field. I have the advantage of going to a university which prides itself on tradition, but does not let tradition form the path it takes for the future. […]


Iowa State University and Vermeer showcase collaboration and innovation

By Julie Lelonek, Communications Specialist You know a relationship is growing and evolving for the better when the parties involved make a mutual and substantial investment in expanding their partnership. Take the example of Iowa State University and the Vermeer Corporation, who earlier this month celebrated the official opening of the Vermeer Applied Technology Hub […]


New report: More wind energy would provide substantial savings to Iowa consumers

A recently released report says Iowa consumers, both corporate and residential, could see $12.6 billion in savings over 25 years by doubling current and planned wind production in the state. An October 18, 2016 article in the Des Moines Register states the report was released by the American Wind Energy Association following a recent panel discussion about wind benefits […]

center for bioplactics and biocomposites

Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites Placing Iowa on Top

By Audrey Regan, Communications Intern Already known for its agriculture and biorenewable initiatives, Iowa gained a competitive edge with the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites, putting Iowa on the forefront of the bioplastics industry. CB2, a collaborative initiative by Iowa State University, Washington State University and the National Science Foundation, opened last year on Iowa […]