Des Moines is the No. 7 Best Place For Business And Careers

The following article was initially published on Oct. 24, 2018 via Forbes.

Photo courtesy of Forbes

Photo courtesy of Forbes

By Kurt Badenhaus

Des Moines is a major center for the insurance industry and maintains a sizable financial services and publishing business base. The city is the headquarters for the Principal Financial Group, Meredith Corp., Ruan Transportation, EMC Insurance and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Home to the Iowa caucuses, Iowa’s capital city is a significant spot for campaigning in U.S. presidential politics and elections. The city is also home to Drake University and Grand View University, while Simpson College, Upper Iowa University and William Penn University also have satellite facilities within the area. Des Moines plays host to a growing number of nationally-acclaimed cultural events, including the annual Des Moines Arts Festival and the World Food Festival. There are a number of art centers, parks and historical sites and museums that continue to enrich the city’s burgeoning cultural scene.


Rank Metro Area Cost of Business Rank Job Growth Rank Education Rank Population
#1 Seattle, WA 165 34 12 2,995,100
#2 Raleigh, NC 31 23 13 1,339,500
#3 Portland, OR 135 39 26 2,457,700
#4 Denver, CO 149 25 18 2,893,000
#5 Charlotte, NC 45 21 61 2,531,700
#6 Dallas, TX 120 14 45 4,921,800
#7 Des Moines, IA 21 70 49 647,600
#8 Austin, TX 148 4 16 2,123,000
#9 Provo, UT 68 1 22 619,700
#10 Tacoma, WA 81 49 152 878,100


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