Enter the 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge

FB Ag Innovation Challenge

Image courtesy of American Farm Bureau Federation

The following press release was previously published on August 14, 2018 via Farm Bureau News.

Showcasing Business Innovations in Agriculture

The American Farm Bureau Federation, in partnership with Farm Credit, is accepting applications for the 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge, the first national business competition focused exclusively on rural entrepreneurs launching food and agriculture businesses. Rural entrepreneurs will pitch innovative business ideas to a team of judges with expertise in ag technologies, business development and agribusiness, competing for $145,000 in startup funds made possible by our sponsors: Farm CreditJohn Deere and Farm Bureau Bank.

How to apply

Submit your for-profit business idea related to food and agriculture online by Sept. 24, 2018. Farm Bureau is working with Village Capital, an organization that finds, trains and invests in entrepreneurs across the U.S. and worldwide, to evaluate and select finalists.

Click here to apply.

Who is eligible to apply?

Business idea must be for a food or agriculture business. Ideas can include, but are not limited to:

  •  Ag technologies
  • Agritourism
  • CSAs, farmers market, food stands, food hubs
  • Farms, ranches, greenhouses, managed forests, aquaponics, cut flowers, herbs, honey, landscape plants
  • Farm-to-table businesses
  • Support services, including scouting, equipment repair, fertilizer sales
  • Value-added processing, including yogurts, cheese, processed meats
  • Wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries

Businesses must be a for-profit company. A for-profit business is defined as an organization that exists primarily to generate a profit, that is, to take in more money than it spends.

Applicant must be a current Farm Bureau member. Click here to learn how to join. New members are required to provide membership confirmation by Nov. 5, 2018, via email to aginnovation@fb.org.

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age. 

Who is not eligible to apply? 

Farm Bureau staff at the county, state or national level or one of Farm Bureau’s affiliate companies, such as AAIC or Farm Bureau Bank, are not eligible to participate in the Challenge. Spouses and family members living in the same household of the Farm Bureau staff member or staff member of Farm Bureau affiliated companies are not eligible to participate in the Challenge.


To find out more about Farm Bureau and the challenge, click here.