Iowa Ag/Bioscience Asset Portal

The Iowa Ag/Bioscience Asset Portal is a comprehensive web-based asset map with information on the state’s agbioscience, agribusiness and healthcare industries.

The Iowa Ag/Bioscience Asset Database
The product of five entities with vested interests in understanding and growing Iowa’s bioeconomy, the Iowa Ag/Bioscience Asset Database combines years of industry data into a single, searchable resource intended to help interested parties understand, strategize, forecast and identify opportunities within Iowa’s key industries for economic growth. All data is free to the public and is searchable at the statewide, regional and county levels.

  • Industry Contacts

    Access industry contact lists

  • Custom Lists

    Create personalized datasets

  • Census Data

    Review agricultural census data

  • Survey Data

    Query business census data and surveys

  • Infrastructure Data

    Find information on Iowa’s agbioscience and healthcare infrastructures

  • Funding Resources

    Get leads on various education, research, private equity and funding resources