Each year, thousands of people choose to make Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor their home.

As great places to locate your business, raise your family or build a career, Des Moines, Ames and the surrounding communities have proven time and again to be ideal locations for successful, healthy living. Holding the title of the nation’s top performing economy, the Greater Des Moines area has emerged as an affordable, energetic center for growth, with both Des Moines and Ames consistently ranking as top places for productivity and job creation in addition to being named as two of the nation’s best places to live for quality of life and well-being. Central Iowa has also cemented its reputation as a cultural hub by providing unsurpassed opportunities in education, recreation and entertainment with premier public and private universities, extensive park and trail systems, and world-class music and arts festivals. When considering a welcoming and practical environment in which to live and play, business leaders, students, young professionals and new families alike will find no shortage of reasons to agree that the Cultivation Corridor is the nation’s best place to grow.

Cultivation Corridor