Pork Industry Continues to Drive Iowa’s Economy

pigA key industry report commissioned by the Iowa Pork Producers Association shows the pork industry’s leading rank among the top economic drivers of the state.

The pork industry contributes heavily to income as well as the employment of Iowa workers. In 2015 alone, the industry contributed $36.7 billion in total sales from swine production, hog slaughtering and pork processing.

An outstanding ratio of one in nearly 12 working Iowans has a job associated to the pork industry. In fact, 141,813 jobs and $8.3 billion in labor income were accredited to the growing Iowa pork industry.

According to the report, Iowa’s pork industry relies heavily on the ability of corn and soybean farmers to produce abundant supplies to feed pigs. Pigs raised in Iowa consume 24.7 percent of the acres planted to corn and soybeans in the state: 24.5 percent of the corn acres and 25 percent of the acres planted to soybeans.

“Iowa has long been the nation’s leader in swine production because of the proximity to abundant supplies of corn and soybeans, the primary components in swine feed,” said IPPA President Curtis Meier of Clarinda. “We’re proud of our ranking and are pleased that the industry is such a profound economic contributor to our local communities. The study shows what pork does for rural Iowa.”

The study was conducted in late 2016 by Decision Innovation Solutions of Urbandale, which produced the results in accordance with methods prescribed and endorsed by the Minnesota IMPLAN Group. The research results are based on IMPLAN modeling data from 2015.

Read the full Iowa Pork Producers Association press release here.