See Yourself in East Ames

PanelBy Tia Snyder, Sales and Communications Intern,

It’s hard to believe our summer is coming to an end along with internships at some amazing companies. This summer’s fourth and final “See Yourself in Ames” intern event took place Tuesday evening at Olde Main Brewery in downtown Ames.

Walking in, the brewery’s copper equipment couldn’t be missed to the left of the entrance. The Ames Chamber showcased a booming industry that many have sipped and experienced: craft beers. An easy drinking wheat or rich and creamy stout can be found at Olde Main, Alluvial and Torrent.

After appreciating Olde Main’s brewing equipment and process, I checked in and headed upstairs to mingle with other interns I’ve met through the program. After some casual conversation, the main event started and a panel of young professionals from various Ames-based companies sat down.

The panel consisted of employees from: Workiva, Kingland, Sukup Manufacturing, Octagon Center for the Arts, Danfoss and GlobalVetLink. Brenda Dryer, director of workforce solutions at the Ames Chamber of Commerce, led the panel.

Dryer asked the young professionals how they think Ames and Story County provide advantages that other places don’t. Answers varied from the low cost of living to diverse companies in one localized area.

The final question regarded change. Dryer asked the panel what they would change if given another chance at college. Tyler Stapler, a software engineer at Workiva, said that he wished that he was more involved outside of class. He regretted not forming relationships with people from clubs and other activities.

Rachel Geilenfeld, external relations manager at Sukup Manufacturing, wished she had left campus for at least a few weeks and studied abroad. She recently visited Haiti for work and wished she’d seen other parts of the world earlier in her life.

I’m thankful that the Ames Chamber provides this annual series for Ames area interns. I’m going to be a senior at Iowa State, and these events broadened my knowledge of the various businesses located here.

Thank you to the sponsors, Ames Chamber, organizers and participants for the fun and unique summer experience. I cannot think of many cities that offer a free series of networking events that also showcase the entire town. I’ve met new people and built a larger network through these events while learning more about Ames companies.

Despite summer ending, I know I’m going to excitedly tell my friends about my internship experience along with these events. The Ames Chamber showcased different industries and offerings that interns might not run across during their typical work day. I hope others participate in next summer’s program!