See Yourself in North Ames

Photo of Prairie Moon Winery

Photo of Prairie Moon Winery

By Tia Snyder and Alex Ivanisevic, Cultivation Corridor Interns

After planning and hosting the previous “See Yourself in Ames” event, we were ready to relax at this one, and the Ames Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development did not disappoint at their third event.

We drove to the outskirts of north Ames to have dinner at the gorgeous Prairie Moon Winery and learn about common faux pas from etiquette speaker, Jodie Beach. Each name tag included a table number which made it easier to spark a conversation with new people.

T.S.: I tend to find that coworkers will arrive together and stick to each other like glue which defeats the purpose of these events. The name tags at least highly suggested breaking away from your comfort zone. 

Forced networking might seem like an assignment or daunting at first, but I’ve come to appreciate it. I honestly regret a previous event where I only mingled with people I knew. It seemed like a wasted opportunity to not learn about other people and careers. I felt that I hadn’t personally accomplished a goal during the two hours.   

Jodie Beach engaged the audience with tactics that forced us to see new faces and feel more comfortable speaking to strangers. She also dished out tips from wardrobe to dining with executives.

A.I.: I found thtips Jodie shared to be helpful and relevant. As a recent ISU grad, I am actively trying to enter the workforce beyond my internship and that means I hope to find myself in more interviews and professional settings. She brought up important things that barely crossed my mind. I had never been to Prairie Moon Winery, so it was even better receiving all the advice while at a pretty venue. 

Sadly, summer is dwindling down and this fun series of events along with it. The final event will be July 31 at Old Maine Brewery. Interns will be able to pick the brains of Ames business professionals and why they chose to work here.

We hope to see new and returning interns at the next one. It’s never too late to build relationships!