Corridor_Logo_BugThis article was originally published on May 15, 2017 at Biofuels International

Iowa’s largest fuel retailer Casey’s has opened its first E15 and E85 store.

The first Iowa station, located 509 Main Street in Pella, is the state’s 103rd E15 station. The Pella store is only the first of seven expected to open across the state.

“This opening marks a big milestone for E15,” said Iowa Renewable Fuels Association managing director Lucy Norton. “Casey’s is more than just one of Iowa’s largest fuel retailers. It’s our pizzeria, our grocery store, our coffee shop. And soon residents in several cities will have lower-cost fuel options that also support rural economies. We are confident Casey’s and its customers will have a positive experience with these fuels and soon E15 and E85 will be the new normal for Casey’s stores.”

Iowa Corn Promotion Board president Larry Klever said Casey’s announcement is great news for rural Iowa. “Iowa’s corn farmers are excited to support Casey’s in expanding Iowans choices at the pump and providing consumers clean-burning, high performing homegrown ethanol blends.” The Iowa Corn Promotion Board is providing support for Casey’s new programme to offer E15 and E85 blends for consumers.

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