Celebrating 100 Years of Iowa Farm Bureau

Ag science, Events, See All | 12/03/2018

Iowa Farm Bureau Logo Outlined

This week, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation is celebrating 100 years of serving the state of Iowa and its farm families. Over the past century, the Farm Bureau has been at the forefront of innovation to develop the next generation of leaders for our state, and to deliver a safe, affordable food supply.

In fact, a need for increased food production for troops and the Homefront during World War I was the spark for the establishment of “farm bureaus” in counties in Iowa and across agricultural states.

By federating all the county Farm Bureaus in December 1918, Iowa was the first state to be totally organized with an organization and county agent in each state.

From providing education and resources to help farmers meet food demand during wars, to establishing insurance services and giving farmers a unified voice in legislative and regulatory arenas, Farm Bureau has evolved to meet the changing needs of Iowa’s farmers and rural communities. We see this leadership in programs like Young Farmer Program, Renew Rural Iowa and the Iowa Agricultural Literacy Foundation, just to name a few.

At the national level, the American Farm Bureau Federation also serves as a catalyst for new ideas in agriculture. Three Iowa companies were recently named as semi-finalists in the 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge. Innovation continues to accelerate in Iowa through the leadership of Iowa Farm Bureau and its programs, like Renew Rural Iowa, that brings those opportunities back to communities across the state.

The foundation of innovation started by the Farm Bureau a century ago has laid the groundwork for the agricultural leadership that we’re now experiencing in America’s Cultivation Corridor. Educational institutions, established companies and exciting new start-ups are all working with Iowa’s farmers and livestock producers to bring the next generation of agricultural technologies from the lab to the field, and improve the quantity and sustainability of food for a growing world population.

We’re proud to have Iowa Farm Bureau Federation as an active investor in America’s Cultivation Corridor and look forward to the progress we’ll continue to make together.