Ag Innovation RoundtableThe Corridor was invited to participate in an intimate roundtable discussion on transnational agricultural innovation strategy last month with David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, who serves as the country’s Head of State and Commander-in-Chief.

Business, political and education leaders from five US states, including Iowa, gathered to discuss cross-border regional strengths and collaborative opportunities in the ag innovation space. The roundtable discussion included business, academic and economic development leaders from the Upper Midwest and Canada, and focused on the establishment of a formal ag innovation corridor from Kansas City to Winnipeg concentrating on addressing and developing collaborative research, public policy and venture funding programming. Iowa State University Provost Jonathan Wickert participated in another roundtable with the Governor General, with that discussion being specific to higher ed collaboration in the space.

Aside from the discussion, which produced a handful of next steps, the occasion afforded the opportunity to meet and network with a number of companies in the agtech and agbio spaces, including significant Canadian players like Agrisoma, Cultivian and BioAmber.