The Cultivation Corridor Finds a New Home

News | 07/06/2016

CFBy Audrey Regan, Corridor Communications Intern

The Cultivation Corridor has found a new place to call home, strategically located in an economic development hub at the Research Park’s $12 million Core Facility.

“The Core Facility brings together that engine that drives commercialization for new business start-ups, and life-changing research and development,” Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds told the crowd at the Core Facility opening.

This “one-stop shop” will be home to a variety of different businesses, ranging anywhere from software manufacturing, to small manufacturing firms. This means large steps are being taken to improve not only Iowa’s economic enterprise, but also national and global economies.

Other businesses relocating at the new facility include Iowa State’s Center for Industrial Research and Service; Office of Economic Development & Industry Relations; Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer; the Research Foundation; the Research Park’s administration offices; Iowa Small Business Development Center; Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship; and the CyBIZ Lab.

By strategically combining these businesses into one area, Iowa State has created an extremely unique sense of unity for economic development in the state of Iowa.

With the goal of harvesting collaboration and engagement among the forged businesses and clients, and a larger goal of creating jobs in Iowa, the Research Park employs over 1,700 professionals. That number is expected to double on its 400-acre property by 2025.

Cultivation Corridor board members Iowa State President Steven Leath and Mike Crum, Iowa State’s vice president for economic development and business engagement, have played a key roles in the development of this project.

In its early development stages, President Leath spoke of the significance of ISU’s Core Facility.

“It will be a centralized location for economic service programs,” said President Leath, “A one-stop shop for companies, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to access Iowa State’s workforce, capital and innovation.”

The Core Facility, now in its final stages as companies begin to move in and begin work, will begin to implement the strategic visions set forth by President Leath just one year ago.

The Corridor’s new home can be found at 1805 Collaboration Place – the quintessential location to enhance environmental sustainability while accelerating business development by attracting, talent and capital from across the globe.

Needless to say, Executive Director Brent Willett and I are pretty excited to be in such an innovative atmosphere.