Cultivation Corridor signs trade MOU with Israeli business group

News | 08/27/2014

MOU signingUriel Lynn, President of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC), and Dan Carmely, CEO of the FICC, were in Des Moines August 19 & 20 for a series of functions with Central Iowa business leaders, including the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the FICC and the Cultivation Corridor. A signing ceremony took place at the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization office.

The Memorandum highlights a growing momentum for local companies to export goods to Israel, as well as for Israel-based companies to invest in and partner with Corridor companies. Lynn also led a presentation and strategy session arranged by the Partnership and the Corridor to talk further about exporting opportunities to Israel and how the FICC can assist companies looking to start or build a business presence in Israel.

“Today’s MOU is an important step in furthering trade relations for Central Iowa agriculture and bioscience companies and entrepreneurs,” said Brent Willett, Executive Director of the Cultivation Corridor. “Israel is a world leader in agricultural and bioscience innovation and a strong export market for U.S. ag and bioscience goods and services. By creating more opportunity for trade linkages like this, Corridor companies are better positioned to capitalize on more global markets.”

The MOU contains provisions relating to increasing access to Israeli markets for Corridor companies via language including


  • Both Parties shall encourage within their capabilities and competencies mutually advantageous economic cooperation in the agricultural and bioscience industries between The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor.

  • Both Parties shall encourage the exchange of information on prospective market research; trade fairs and exhibitions; and trade missions organized in their countries and shall transmit this information to their members and stakeholders.

  • Both Parties shall support and cooperate in the exchange of trade delegations in both countries with the goal of enabling discussions on cooperation between agbioscience companies and enterprises of their respective countries.

To read the full MOU, click here.

The FICC is one of Israel’s largest business organizations. It is a nonprofit and nonpolitical organization dedicated to a market economy and free enterprise.

The Cultivation Corridor is a public/private partnership focused on furthering the Central Iowa agriculture and biosciences economic cluster for investment, talent and research.