Grow your ag business.

When you’re in the business of agriculture, you need to do business here.

It’s no surprise why so many agricultural companies succeed in Iowa.

Attracted by an abundant well-trained workforce, a superior logistical infrastructure, a robust ag economy, and multiple state-led financial incentives, hundreds of agtech companies have operations inside Iowa.

Iowa offers a welcoming business environment that gets agriculture, including tax incentives, farmer-business partnerships, an ag-focused workforce, and unsurpassed academic support from Iowa State University, one of the nation’s leading agricultural education institutions.

Greenhouse Seedlings

Whether your business is already located here or you’re looking for a place to expand, Iowa offers ample resources to help grow success.


$58 million in refundable R&D tax credits issued by Iowa in 2019.
(Iowa Department of Revenue, 2019)


top seed

The top 4 global seed science companies operate in Iowa, including Corteva, Bayer, Syngenta, and BASF.


$60+ billion – annual revenue of major ag companies that have significant operations or headquarters in Iowa.

Profiles in Iowa Innovation

Iowa has a proud history of innovators who changed the course of food production. Today, agtech innovators in Iowa continue to break down barriers and deliver unprecedented solutions to help feed the world.

Ag Industry Expertise

There is a reason great ag companies do business here.


Iowa is the leading producer of corn and grain products and the second largest producer of soybeans.

(USDA, 2019)


Iowa farmers have invested $134 billion in one of the most advanced ag infrastructures in the nation.


Iowa is the No. 1 producer of hogs and eggs in the United States.

Academic Thought Leadership

ISU Student and Professor
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Iowa State University Economic Department logo

A leader in public-private partnerships to advance ag productivity around the world.

Iowa State University (ISU) continues to advance agriculture and solve the next generation’s greatest challenges — discovering new, diverse ways to provide for our growing world while driving economic development in our state.

ISU has a deep, rich history of collaborating with the ag industry. The ISU Office of Economic Development and Industry Relations (EDIR) was established to support Iowa industries with a variety of needs — from conducting basic research and applying for funding, to technology transfer and commercial upscaling.

From high-tech equipment to personalized business mentoring to building space, everything a business needs is easily accessed through the EDIR.

Resources to Grow Your Ag Business

In agriculture, anything worth growing needs encouragement, including ag businesses. Iowa offers the tools, connections, and resources to help build your success.