Innovation Profiles

Innovation is the reason we are a recognized world leader in ag. Every day the stories and triumphs of Iowa innovators inspire new generations of ag leaders.

Michael Ott, Rantizo

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Rantizo expands uses of drones in agriculture

Rantizo has developed a unique drone technology that delivers targeted spraying for a variety of agricultural applications.

Dr. Martin Gross

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Iowa-based Startup Uses Algae to Remove Pollutants from Wastewater

As regulations and standards for water quality become more stringent across the country, cities are looking for new options to treat water more efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively than ever before.

Dan Cosgrove, Growers Edge

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Iowa-based Company Bringing Financial Technology Solutions to Farmers

The company was founded in 2017 with an initial focus on crop insurance, however in 2019 began a pivot toward the warranty-backed crop plans.

FarmHer Marji Alaniz

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FarmHer Features Women in Agriculture

She began with a photo series featuring 8 women from Iowa working on their farms.

Mark Reisinger Pivot Bio

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Pivot Bio PROVEN™ in has sold out inventories for both '19 and '20 crop years in the US.

After multiple years of lab, greenhouse, and large, on-farm trials, Pivot Bio PROVEN™ continues to demonstrate results equivalent to or better than the trials using synthetic nitrogen fertilizer alone.

Judd O'Connor, Corteva Agriscience

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Innovation is key to advancing agriculture

Innovation has always been the lifeblood of American agriculture, and Corteva Agriscience is no stranger to it.