Innovation Profiles

Innovation is the reason we are a recognized world leader in ag. Every day the stories and triumphs of Iowa innovators inspire new generations of ag leaders.

Rachel Geilenfeld - External Relations Manager for Sukup Manufacturing Co.

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"Why I Returned Home" with Sukup Manufacturing Co.'s External Relations Manager Rachel Geilenfeld

After spending four years out of the state, Rachel was attracted back to Iowa by Sukup’s prestigious reputation for employee satisfaction and innovation.

Judd O'Connor, Corteva Agriscience

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Innovation is key to advancing agriculture

Innovation has always been the lifeblood of American agriculture, and Corteva Agriscience is no stranger to it.

Casey Niemann, President and Founder of AgriSync

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AgriSync Focuses on Human Element of Agricultural Technologies

Modern-day agriculture is quickly evolving and embracing technologies that improve efficiency, increase sustainability, and overall changing the way farmers feed the world.