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Innovation is the reason we are a recognized world leader in ag. Every day the stories and triumphs of Iowa innovators inspire new generations of ag leaders.

Judi Eyles

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Center connects entrepreneurship, innovation resources for ISU students, faculty and alumni

For 25 years, the Iowa State University Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship has filled an important role in supporting academic programs, experiential learning opportunities and championing business development.

Katy Landt headshot

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Safe Ag Systems CEO and Co-Founder Katy Landt Reflects on Her Cultivo Experience

Safe Ag Systems CEO and Co-founder Katy Landt graduated from the six-week Cultivo Global Ag Innovation Program.

Angela Shaw

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Dr. Angela Shaw

Innovative approaches lead to safer food supply. Dr. Shaw is an associate professor of food science and human nutrition and Extension specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University

Amos Petersen

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FarrPro Innovates to Apply Cutting Edge Technologies to Agriculture and Livestock Production

FarrPro was founded by Amos Petersen in 2016 to develop the idea that became the Haven, which creates an efficient microclimate to keep piglets warm, safe, and healthy inside farrowing barns.

Jim Register

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BioConnect Iowa Supports Translation of Innovation to Commercial Success

BioConnect Iowa focuses efforts in four key areas: biobased products/chemicals, precision and digital agriculture, vaccines and immunotherapeutics, and medical devices.

Dr. Todd Krone

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Iowa Startup Takes Revolutionary Approach to Plant Pollination

PowerPollen developed a first-of-its-kind scalable technology to successfully collect corn pollen, preserve it, and then apply it at the proper time to overcome the inefficiencies of natural processes.