Innovation Profile: Casey Niemann

Casey Niemann, President and Founder of AgriSync

AgriSync Focuses on Human Element of Agricultural Technologies

Modern-day agriculture is quickly evolving and embracing technologies that improve efficiency, increase sustainability, and overall changing the way farmers feed the world. However, the human element is still critical in adapting and integrating these innovative technologies.

AgriSync is a Waukee, Iowa-based startup that is looking to bridge the gap between farmers adopting new technologies, and companies and equipment providers who develop and sell them. The company’s application allows users to receive advice from a network of support through an easy text, phone call or video conference.

“Data, drones, telematics, and ways to solve broad issues such as excess nitrogen are the big headlines in agriculture today,” said Casey Niemann, President and Founder of AgriSync. “Those are all extremely important, but there is also the human element that flows through all of those and that’s what we focus on by providing support and communications for modern agriculture.”

Casey Niemann serves as the President and Founder of AgriSync. Niemann earned an undergraduate degree at Kansas State University and an Executive Master of Business Administration at the University of Iowa. He went on to work for Syngenta and then Microsoft before launching AgriSync in 2014.

The company now serves more than 200 agribusinesses by connecting farmers to their expert providers such as their ag equipment company, precision ag provider or retailer. It allows farmers to stay on the job and quickly solve a problem or learn how to navigate a new technology.

Agribusinesses such as C & B Operations, Central Valley Ag and RDO Equipment depend on AgriSync to provide efficient and timely service to their customers.

In February, an updated version of the application, AgriSync 3.0, was released to simplify the customer experience though easier navigation, improved existing features, and new internal messaging, and customer segmentation tools.

“Our goal is to reduce the amount of friction that it takes when farmers adopt new technologies by allowing customer service and communication to be parallel,” said Niemann.

He noted that during the early stages, AgriSync utilized Iowa’s strong entrepreneurial ecosystem by tapping into the startup community and receiving competitive economic development loans through the state. Iowa essentially takes startups through a funnel program that can provide funding though approved loans and expert mentorship in accelerator programs.

Not only has AgriSync benefited from these resources, but they also partner with the Waukee APEX to invest back into these outlets by connecting and working with the next generation of student innovators. The beneficial relationships provide students with real-work experiences and allows AgriSync to stay on the cutting edge while pouring into future employees.

The Waukee APEX draws on the expertise of business partners to develop student innovators and leaders. Through a collaboration of education, business, and community, the APEX brings the read-world application to the high school experience.

“We chose America’s Cultivation Corridor because we are at the intersection of science, technology, and innovation in agriculture here in central Iowa. It allows us not only to have ready access to our customers, but also partner with other agribusinesses as we build out our organization and business,” he said.

Niemann explains that being in the Corridor has been an advantage for them due to its proven track record in the agriculture industry and dynamic atmosphere. The abundance of industry-leading companies comes with many networking opportunities and a direct pipeline of talent.

Not only are there abundant resources for entrepreneurs to plug into, but Niemann has found there is also a high-quality of living. In terms of education, healthcare, and a vibrant downtown, Iowa is a great place to live and be part of a community.

“If you’re a founder or entrepreneur wondering where to build that next agricultural business, I would suggest you must have America’s Cultivation Corridor on your list because here we have this ready-made ecosystem that allows you to have the best chance of success for your business.”