Corridor_Logo_BugThis article was originally published on May 15, 2017 at Biofuels International

The Iowa Biodiesel Board IBB has praised Governor Terry Branstad for signing the Iowa Infrastructure Fund Bill, which provides $3 million in funding for the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure (RFI) programme.

Branstad has been a long term supporter of Iowa’s biofuels industry.

“Governor Branstad has been exceptionally supportive of funding renewable fuels and this infrastructure program. We thank him whole-heartedly for his leadership,” said Grant Kimberley, Iowa Biodiesel Board executive director. “This is a big win for biodiesel and other renewable fuels. The legislature had previously ended funding for the program, and in a tough budget year where other programs were eliminated, the extension of the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program is a clear sign of the Iowa Legislature’s support for the biofuels industry.”

IBB worked closely with industry partners and the legislature to ensure the clauses for biofuels funding were included in the bill. The RFI programme is designed to encourage fuel retailers to offer biofuels at the pump. During 2016, 471 on-road retailers reported they were offering biodiesel blends in Iowa, an increase of 167 from five years earlier.

In a statement from IBB, Kimberley said the legislative session had been challenging for the biofuels industry. The Iowa government introduced legislation to reduce all state tax credits, including a reduction and cap on renewable fuel retailer credits incentivising increased use of renewable fuels. IBB led the campaign against these cuts, recruiting members and coalition partners to stress to legislators the importance of the credits to the state’s environment, and economy.

“Biodiesel production is expanding in Iowa, and proactive state policies have played a pivotal role in keeping the state’s title as the leading national producer,” Kimberley said. “We shouldn’t take this for granted. We will continue to fight for this key Iowa industry.”

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