You can grow from here.

Discover the benefits: Iowa delivers the business resources you need and the lifestyle you want.

The Midwest offers great opportunities for new and existing ag businesses. But when you compare options in the Midwest or the rest of the U.S., Iowa rises to the top as the best place to start up and grow a business while providing a great quality of life.

Other key stats


Iowa is the No. 1 producer of hogs and eggs in the United States.


Iowa's farmers have invested $134 billion in one of the most advanced ag infrastructures in the nation.


Iowa is the leading producer of corn and grain products and the second largest producer of soybeans.

(USDA, 2019)


$46 million in refundable R&D tax credits issued by Iowa in 2018.
(Iowa Department of Revenue, 2019)


Top Ag

The top 4 ag companies operate in Iowa, including Corteva, Bayer, Syngenta, and BASF.


$60+ billion – annual revenue of major ag companies that have significant operations or headquarters in Iowa.

Resources for Ag Startups

As a food or agtech startup, you'll find that Iowa has exactly the right resources needed to boost your ideas and make starting and growing a business easier than ever.