Cultivation Corridor

Cultivation Corridor

Our growing world population faces extraordinary challenges — uncertainties in the production and security of our food, feed, fiber and fuel. The Cultivation Corridor is leading the way in solving this challenge with the creation of a new global center of agbioscience excellence.


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Cultivation Corridor

The Science that Feeds the World

The Cultivation Corridor is already playing a fundamental role in addressing the growing challenges of the world's expanding population by leveraging advanced science along with best practices and abundant resources to lead the way in feeding and fueling the world. Together with our public and private partners and institutions of higher learning, the region is cultivating innovation, enhancing environmental sustainability and accelerating business growth. Improvements in genetics, technology and production practices created here are helping to transform agriculture in ways considered unimaginable just a generation ago.

Situated on a quarter of the world's richest topsoil, in an area with unrivaled agricultural tradition and a history of scientific discovery, the Cultivation Corridor is creating pathways to energy independence, sustainable food sources and innovative products from renewable resources. Cutting-edge research and science, sophisticated farming, available capital, skilled labor, a balanced lifestyle and an overall vision for the future, makes this a uniquely qualified epicenter for growth.

The Cultivation Corridor sits at a rare intersection of favorable economic and lifestyle factors that come together to produce an exceptional quality of life experience. Top-rated schools, some of the nation's safest neighborhoods and trusted Iowa values help the Cultivation Corridor to attract the nation's best and brightest minds.

Brent Willett to Lead Initiative

On behalf of Capital Crossroads: A Vision for Greater Des Moines & Central Iowa, Brent Willett, CEcD, will serve as Executive Director of the new Cultivation Corridor initiative.  Learn More »

Brent Willett
Executive Director
Primary Address
304 Main Street Ames, IA 50014
Secondary Address
601 Locust Street Ste. 700, Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 232-2310
(515) 360-1732
Tom Vilsack
The Nation's Premier Agbioscience Region

On April 21, 2014, The Cultivation Corridor brand was revealed as the nation's premier agbioscience region. Members of the community as well as nearly 200 top national, state and community leaders gathered at The World Food Prize Hall of Laureates for the presentation. Event speakers included Thomas J. Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Governor Terry E. Branstad, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds and Cultivation Corridor Co-Chairs Dr. Steven Leath and Dr. Steve Zumbach.  Watch Video »

Executive Director of the Cultivation Corridor, Brent Willett, provides his view on the vast potential the new Corridor initiative has for central Iowa, the state and ultimately the world.
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The Corridor Declaration

Today, we recognize the challenges that face our world. And today, we take up those challenges, focus on the immense opportunities and prepare to lead this new global mission.  Learn More »