Cultivo Global Ag Innovation Program

A launchpad for international agricultural startups and entrepreneurs.

Innovations that help feed the world have no boundaries, but in Iowa, they do have a hub where they can prosper.

That’s why America’s Cultivation Corridor launched the Cultivo Global Ag Innovation Program. Now, international startup companies and entrepreneurs can visit, learn, and connect with Iowa’s world-renowned agricultural research, academic, and business communities.

By sharing Iowa’s spirit and entrepreneurial ecosystem with the world, Cultivo will shape the future of food and fuel.

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Program details for Australian Companies

Cultivo Global

About Cultivo

About Cultivo

Meeting the needs of a growing population requires global collaboration.

The Cultivo Global Ag Innovation Program is a 10-day immersion program that brings agriculture and bioscience startups from around the world to Iowa — America’s Cultivation Corridor.

The program offers these global entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to engage with Iowa’s agtech startup community, network with ag industry leaders, and collaborate with researchers and farmers. Throughout the experience, participants collaborate with mentors and each other to refine their business pitch, which they present to investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program.

Program Overview

Each 10-day program is tailored to the unique interests of each country, with sessions that feature:

  • Introduction to the U.S. startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Connection with leading agribusiness executives
  • Training and mentor support for pitch development
  • Engagement with Iowa State University, including the ISU Research Park, BioCentury Research Farm, and top industry faculty
  • Education on the U.S. financial system and regulatory programs
  • Opportunities to connect with industry-leading farmers and livestock producers
  • Pathways to introduce their technology in the U.S.
  • Opportunity to pitch their innovation to funders

Cultivo Cohorts

America’s Cultivation Corridor will annually host multiple Cultivo cohorts from around the world. Each cohort will be comprised of approximately 10 startup companies or innovators from a specific country.

Startups and innovators are identified based on a variety of factors, including the type of technology they are developing and their interest in engaging with others to bring their product to market.

Connecting these global startups and innovators with Iowa’s world-renowned researchers, industry leaders, and farmers will help accelerate the introduction of new technologies and services that benefit the world’s farmers and consumers.

Internation Agtech Cohort

"The Cultivo Global Ag Innovation Program is a fantastic opportunity to connect Australian agtech startups with the U.S. Midwest. We are thrilled to participate in this program."

John Harvey, Managing Director, AgriFutures Australia

Get Involved

Cultivo is ready to share Iowa’s agtech resources and opportunities with international startups to help them grow and thrive. If you are interested in getting involved by financially supporting Cultivo or being a part of an international cohort, contact us via phone at (515) 864-0732 or through our contact form.