Why Here

Iowa was the testing ground of agricultural giants George Washington Carver, Norman E. Borlaug and Henry A. Wallace. We’re proud of that agricultural heritage, but we’re even more excited about the next generation of ag leaders who are working to feed and sustain a growing world population.

The future depends on us.
And we don’t take that lightly.

The world needs a place where innovation, science and technology converge to solve our global population challenges.

It starts here – in America’s Cultivation Corridor.

Why Now

In the last fifty years, the world’s population has more than doubled. To feed that growing demand, every sector of agriculture must innovate like the future depends on it.

Our planet must support more than nine billion people in 2050. That’s about 30 percent more people that are on Earth right now.

As the population grows, less land will be required to feed more people. In 1991, .81 acres of farmland was available per person on Earth. That number has fallen to just .37 acres per person today.

We must produce more food and energy in the next 30 years than in the last 50. This exponential increase requires massive investments in a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, ag science, ag technology and innovation.



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