Expert Tips to Help You Startup and Grow Your Ag Business

In agriculture, anything worth growing needs encouragement, including ag businesses. Iowa industry leaders share their insights and expertise to help other ag entrepreneurs succeed.

Startup Tips: Expert advice for entrepreneurs.

Wondering how to start an agtech business?

Kevin Kimle, director of the Iowa State University Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, shares a few of his key tips for entrepreneurs looking to bring their game-changing ideas to the world.

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Funding your ag startup.

Seeking to raise funds for your ag startup?

Joel Harris, executive director of the Ag Startup Engine and and CEO of Genvax Technologies, shares insightful perspectives for startups looking to capture the attention of investors and raise funds in today’s environment.

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Build a better business plan.

Building a business plan for your ag startup?

Peter Hong, director of the ISU Startup Factory, shares tips on how to develop a business plan that will attract attention and instill confidence in your team and project.

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Ready to enter the U.S. agriculture business market?

Entrepreneur Roger Underwood shares tips for global businesses as they plan and execute their strategy to enter the U.S. agricultural marketplace.

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If you have questions about any of these tips or if you need expert advice in other aspects of starting or growing your ag business, please reach out to us.

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