Leadership Insights from Kevin Rasmussen
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Elevating innovation and connecting businesses in Iowa

Leadership insights from Kevin Rasmussen, Iowa Pork Producers Association

As I begin my term as chair of America’s Cultivation Corridor board of directors, I’m excited about the opportunities ahead and the momentum we’re building across Iowa. Together, we’re elevating innovation and connecting businesses in food, agriculture and biosciences from around the world to leading research, capital and talent in the state.   

I see innovation every day in my role as a fourth-generation farmer from Humboldt County, Iowa. My family and I raised pigs, corn and soybeans and I also have the opportunity to serve the states’ pig farmers on the Iowa Pork Producers Association board of directors. Innovative ideas and technologies have enabled us to be better stewards of the land we farm. We are managing the land square-foot by square-foot today, and not field-by-field as my grandfather’s generation did, or even acre-by-acre as my father did. Today, we mindfully tend each seed we put into the ground and carefully apply livestock manure using the latest technology.  

I’ve often said that it “takes a village” to raise pigs. As a farmer, I rely on an entire community of service providers and vendors to deliver the information, products and services I need to grow the crops that feed my pigs, and then care for the animals themselves. I work with veterinarians, equipment suppliers, nutritionists, electricians, hardware and lumber stores and many more … not to mention the local school system, grocery stores, healthcare providers and other pillars of strong rural communities that support our businesses and families.  

This same “village” approach is alive and well in Iowa’s foodtech, agtech and bioproducts industries. Here in Iowa, world-class researchers, global leaders and startup entrepreneurs, forward-thinking farmers and strong community and state leaders are accessible and focused on growing together. As a result, there is no better place than Iowa to establish or grow an ag-related company. 

Thank you to Cory Reed for his service as chair of the Corridor for the past two years. Under his leadership, the organization developed a new strategic plan, hosted multiple groups within its flagship program, Cultivo® and presented about Iowa’s unique attributes on global stages.  

This year, we’ll carry that momentum forward, continuing the great programming and engagement we’re known for at the Corridor, but also exploring new events and opportunities to elevate Iowa’s industry. I look forward to working with the Corridor board and staff to continue elevating Iowa’s role as a global leader in agriculture and biosciences and building opportunities across the state. Check out our website at www.CultivationCorridor.org to stay up to date on Corridor news and events. We look forward to connecting with you in 2024! 

Published February 2024. 

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