America's Cultivation Corridor 2023 Next Gen Innovation Interns
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Meet our 2023 Next Gen Interns


The 2023 Next Gen Innovation Impact Study Program is underway!  

America’s Cultivation Corridor hosts the semester-long program in partnership with Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, for Iowa State students to learn from agriculture and research leaders about innovative technologies, programs, research and practices that have the potential to significantly elevate agricultural sustainability and food system resilience in our state and around the world. 

Ten Iowa State students are serving as Innovation Interns this semester.   
  • Brayden Beinhart 
    • Degree: Agricultural Engineering 
    • Year: Senior 
    • Hometown: Keota, IA  
  • Mari Dawley

    • Degree: Agricultural Business & Communication Studies  
    • Year: Senior  
    • Hometown: Walford, IA  

    Adele Hogan  

    • Degree: Food Science  
    • Minor: Meat Science  
    • Year: Junior  
    • Hometown: Monticello, IA  

    Ella Hommel  

    • Degree: Agricultural Business  
    • Year: Junior  
    • Hometown: Eldora, IA  

    Lex Kassel  

    • Degree: Agricultural Business  
    • Year: Junior  
    • Hometown: Emmetsburg, IA  

    Kody Koberg  

    • Degree: Agricultural Business and International Agriculture  
    • Year: Senior  
    • Hometown: Durant, IA  

    Rebecka Larson  

    • Degree: Agriculture and Rural Policy Studies  
    • Minor: Political Science and International Ag  
    • Year: Senior  
    • Hometown: Keithsburg, IL

    Haylie Moore  

    • Degree: Global Resource Systems, Agricultural Business, and Agriculture and Rural Policy Studies
    • Year: Sophomore  
    • Hometown: Montezuma, IA  

    Olivia Staudt

    • Degree: Agricultural and Rural Policy Studies  
    • Minor: Political Science & Horticulture  
    • Year: Senior  
    • Hometown: Marble Rock, IA  

    Maddy Stevenson  

    • Degree: Horticulture  
    • Year: Junior  
    • Hometown: Story City, IA 

    Peer Advisor- Ashley Althaus

    • Degree: Agriculture Systems Technology
    • Year: Senior
    • Hometown: Sublette, IL

    You can follow along with the internship on America’s Cultivation Corridor’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles.  

    Published August 2023. 

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