Launch your ag startup.

When you start up in Iowa, you can go anywhere.

There is no ground more fertile for food and agricultural startups than Iowa.

One of the leading agricultural states in the nation, Iowa is powered by the most forward-thinking minds in the ag industry.

This is a place where the agricultural community works together — where resources are abundant, collaboration is welcome, and entrepreneurship is embraced. Nowhere else will you find a richer environment to launch and grow your business.

Iowa is a state that gets agriculture, offering collaborative farmers and livestock producers, plus a broad network of agtech accelerators, incubators, and seed funders to support the businesses getting started here.

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Discover a state where you'll find a spirit of cooperation and sense of purpose like no other.


Over 50 incubators, coworking spaces, and research parks across Iowa provide ag innovators room to grow their startups.


More than 100 agtech companies have been launched through the Iowa Startup Ecosystem.


Over 20 Iowa accelerators provide mentorship and funding to help innovators start up on solid ground.

Profiles in Iowa Innovation

Every day in Iowa, agtech startups continue to advance the world of agriculture by breaking down barriers and delivering unprecedented solutions.

Ag Industry Expertise

Agriculture innovation isn't just a part of our rich history, it's our future.


Iowa's R&D expenditures in biosciences are 12% higher than the national average.

(National Science Board, 2018)


Iowa is first in the nation for ethanol production, biodiesel production and biomass availability.

(EIA, 2018)


Nearly 400 patents were awarded to top Iowa industry innovators between 2010-2016.

(TEConomy Partners, 2017)

Academic Thought Leadership

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Iowa State University logo

Industry-disrupting ideas are being developed in the nation's top ag think tank.

Iowa State University continues to advance agriculture and solve the next generation’s greatest challenges — discovering new, diverse ways to feed our growing world while driving economic development in our state.

The Iowa State Research Park is the crown jewel of the university’s sophisticated research network. The complex includes the America’s Small Business Development Center Iowa, the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Iowa State Startup Factory, which provides resources to innovators and small businesses of all types.

From startups to multinationals, there’s no better place for radical ideas to become revolutionary solutions.

Resources for Ag Startups

As a food or agtech startup, you'll find that Iowa has exactly the right resources needed to boost your ideas and make starting and growing a business easier than ever.