Why Iowa Profiles

Iowa isn't just a place where agriculture succeeds, it's a place where people thrive. Discover the enviable lifestyle that attracts and keeps those who live here.

Xiaowen Guo

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Why Iowa? Q&A with Xiaowen Guo

Guo and her two children live in Muscatine, Iowa, where she is involved in several organizations including Friends of Musser Public Library and Muscatine China Initiative Committee.

Lucas Nelson Kemin Industries MedPharm Iowa

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Why Iowa? Q&A with Lucas Nelson

Nelson earned his undergraduate degree in Virginia and law degree in Indiana and was working as a real estate lawyer in Kentucky when he made the move to Des Moines.

Rosalind Fox, John Deere

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Why Iowa? Q&A with Rosalind Fox

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Rosalind Fox has worked in engineering jobs across the U.S. and around the world. She explains why she's made Iowa her home.

Riley Arthur

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Why Iowa? Q&A with Riley Arthur

Riley grew up near Owatonna, Minnesota, where his family raised club lambs for livestock shows and he was active in 4-H. He was also involved in his extended family’s row crop and hog farm businesses.

Barbara Stinson

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Why Iowa? Q&A with Barbara Stinson

Barbara Stinson became the second President of the World Food Prize Foundation in January 2020, taking leadership of the Foundation formed by Dr. Norman Borlaug in 1986.

Dr. Dan Thomson

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Why Iowa? Q&A with Dr. Dan Thomson

Dr. Thomson is an internationally known leader, researcher, and instructor in animal health management, animal welfare, and beef cattle production.